Allies Farmhouse

Designer, Cameron Scott, wanted to showcase an important architectural project coming to completion.

The project was on a historically important site and he also wanted to explore the journey he goes on with his clients to make a building that is right for them, not to mention showing some of the interesting technology he uses in both the design and construction of his outstanding buildings.

Cameron briefed Sam on the important aspects of the people, the project, the place and the technology, enabling Sam to create a focussed direction for the shoot day and interview questions.

Sam shot the film solo and performed the interviews.

The historical sequence was shot handheld and the build works filmed with dolly and sticks in a traditional manner, the closing shot was performed with a Steadicam from a mechanical lift on the farm.

Sam used the sony FS100 and Canon 5dmk2 cameras.

The film has been watched numerous thousands of times and embedded in many building and architecture blogs providing good traffic to Cameron’s website;


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