Cycle Cam

We had a fun afternoon testing our ‘Cycle Cam’ – this is a combination of a boom arm, a Steadicam vest and arm, and a small gyro controlled camera head flying a GoPro camera.

Unlike conventional Steadicams and ‘Movi’ devices the setup has a large ‘boom range’ operating from floor height to about 2.5 m above the ground, it is also very easy for the talent to follow the camera operator; meaning that we are filming the face of the talent, not their rear view.

Operating it from a cycle is quiet and means locations can be accessed that a motor vehicle could not access. Our cam ops can of course easily cycle as fast as quite serious runners.

As well as using this on a bike it can be hard mounted to our vans or used while the operator is walking. The device has a day-bright viewable Transvideo monitor and is powered by production Vlock batteries, all adding to the practicality.


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