Grip Listing

A selection of our grip equipment

Cstands X4

Mathews 4m stands X2

Regular light stands X8

Floor lightstand X2

20in arms X3

40in arm X1

Mathelini clamps X3

Manfrotto suction cups X6

4X6 Lastolight frame (full diff)

4X2 frame (half diff)

3X3 frame (half diff)

3X5 polyboard black and white

5/8 tube – many

1/2 tube – many

36in diff lastolight x2

Superclamps X3

Nano clamp X 1

Noga style arm X 2

Pony clamps 2 and 4 in

C47 clips

Stage scafolding , 2.4m, 2m, 1.5m

Scaffolding to baby pin clamps

Scaffolding joiner X1

Scaff to junior pin X2