I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. I started in the darkroom (now that dates me!) at the Bristol Evening Post and Western Daily Press. Soon afterwards, I was shooting for these papers and taking on commissions for other magazines and companies.

For a long time, I covered most of the photography for Venue Magazine in Bristol and then continued to specialise in music photography working for Mix Mag, Ministry of Sound, NME and numerous festivals. I then started working for What Mountain Bike and various bike companies for the majority of my work.

My clients have included companies such as Orange, Specialised, Merida, Flexifoil, J&N Kites, Saris, Sony, BBC Worldwide, SITA, The Guardian, Time Magazine, The Economist and The Times Educational Supplement. I am very proud to be a regular contributor to www.reportdigital.co.uk – an award winning social issues image library.

After a 4 year escape to Pembrokeshire, I returned to Bristol to set up FrameDogs with Sam. We believe working as a team – providing photography, video, or both – is a very cost effective method of producing consistent image branding for companies who require both photography and video.

With years of experience and a stack of great kit, you can be sure I can cover almost any assignment. I have fast sports lenses, underwater cameras (including 3 flash underwater set up), tilt and shift, fast glass, numerous studio lights and portable studio lights.

If you have a photography requirement, give me a call, and I will be happy to discuss any ideas you may have.