“Sam has a fine touch with a camera and a great eye” – Garret Brown, ASC


I have worked professionally with images since 1994. I specialise in video work and multimedia (stills and motion).

I hope to be on the very cutting edge of using the latest technology, combined with older craft, to create lively images in ways not possible a few years ago.

Broad commercial experience, mixed with a strong eye for light and framing, mean I can read a real location in seconds.

I studied engineering design at Warwick University in the early ’90s but at university, had a sideline hobby of taking photos for the student newspaper – a sideline that became a full-time career. Work experience at the Coventry Telegraph newspaper and freelance music photos for the NME, were a foot in to the door of professional photography. Soon I was working for the national news media in the West country serving newspapers and magazines. News gathering work meant frequent contact with TV news teams. In 2008, some of those TV camera people helped me form the basics of shooting editable sequences for motion. Soon, corporate video became a significant part of my work.

I find the mental and technical challenges of making films extremely gratifying.

In 2013, I relocated to Bristol to concentrate more fully on video and expose myself to a broader and more demanding client base.