You build images. You Tell me about sound?

We take the sound design of video extremely seriously. Our main cameras have XLR onboard sound which we can supplement with our fine Sound Devices 702 audio recorder which can output line to camera and record an onboard backup. For certain jobs we would suggest a sound recordist, we know some nice ones.

Can I rent your studio/lights/lenses?

Mainly we ‘wet hire’ our facilities, ie provide them with the crew to use them safely and efficiently. We only ‘dry hire’ to people we know and trust. We are not an equipment rental company.

Choice of video camera

Sometimes we are involved in a part of a project that is shot on many locations, by many operators. We are happy to use the camera of your choice. Sam as an owner/operator is competent with his own Sony Cine-alta cameras and has also shot on Red, Sony F5, Canon C100 and C300. We stock our own Canon and Nikon glass and multiple sets of lens adapters. Sam prefers to operate with his own Nikon glass collection but is well experienced with Canon glass.

Data Back up

We accept no liability for data integrity. We have simple data management structures in place but are not an archive service right now. You should plan your own data management strategy.

Where is your studio?

We don’t list the location of our studio. It is in Bristol, BS7.