Crew and Kit

What we will do for you

Turn your storyboard into reality. We will move the camera, light the scene, and operate cameras under the direction of your director, creative or cinematographer.

Two skilled crew, with a van full of bespoke equipment bring a safe, smooth shooting experience. Deliver ambitious shots on time and on budget. TV advert, web promo, pop video, conference, or small feature film.

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Guide Prices


Standard £850

  • Two crew in insured van
  • Sony FS7 camera
  • Black Magic Micro camera
  • Lupo LED lighting kit (2 panel 2 fresnel)
  • Remote focus
  • Director’s monitor with wireless HD link (Amimon Connex)
  • Prime lenses 14mm through 180mm
  • 180cm slider
  • 3.5m dolly and track
  • A and B 100mm bowl tripods
  • Miller Arrow tripod head
  • extensive grip
  • Car mount rigging

Additional Equipment


Additionally Priced Grip

movi pro setup

motion control setup



Additional Cameras

  • Panasonic GH4
  • Sony EX1 1/3in corporate and BTS camera 422/10bit capable, XLR
  • Sony NEX5n custom hard mount miniature S35 chip camera
  • DSLR, D600, Nikon Z6


  • Lupo 2k Fresnel, 2 * 200w daylight
  • Lupo superpanel 2 * 100w bicolour
  • 2 Dedolights tungsten with correction filters
  • 1 led Dedo daylight
  • 2 small led panels bicolour
  • 2X 140w LED exterior blast lights 6000k
  • 2 lesure batteries for offgrid operation of lights
  • 2KW Honda generator


  • Sound Devices 702 audio recorder
  • Sanken shotgun mic CS2
  • Sony lavalier mic system
  • Line from recorder camera XLR
  • 2X Sony shotgun (scratch mics)


  • Bodyworn camera system

Stabilised Car Arm

Super telephoto lenses

  • 400 2.8
  • 600 4.0


  • Steadicam Pilot suitable for GH4 etc
  • Vlock power
  • Transvideo Superbright monitor

Set dressing

  • Black cloth
  • Net curtain
  • Stepladders


  • Topside housing fitted for GH4/BMC/A7s
  • GoPro hero 3 housing


  • Nikon D600, D3
  • AF glass 14 through to 400
  • Elinchrom studio strobes, Qflash location strobes
  • Pocket Wizards
  • Nikon D3 full dive housing


  • White paper, 2.4m
  • Grey paper, 2.4m
  • Green-screen vinyl, 2.5m


  • 23Imac with Davinci Resolve Studio