Lupo Lights Kit



We like our film making to be efficient, and low power bright lights bring efficiency to any shoot.


  • 2 X 200 watt fresnel lamp
  • 2 X 100w Super Panel light

The fresnel lamps are considered to be the equivalent of a 2k tungsten fixture or in our opinion about as bright as a Joker 400 HMI light.

The panel lights are, ‘the worlds brightest’ 1.1 LED panels


The whole package runs on less than 1/3 of the power of a domestic kettle. This means no blown fuses on location and some interesting power options for light ‘off grid

  • no blown fuses on location
  • no heat/fire dangers
  • run any two lights from our van ‘handy mains’
  • run any two panels from our portable battert
  • run all the fixtures from our 2k Honda generator
  • quickly manage cable with no need to unwind to avoid cable heating

These lights are available as part of our van package or as dry hire



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(Page published April 2017)