Crew and Kit

  • Crew and van
  • Camera
  • Light
  • Rigging



  • Studio in BS7
  • 80 square meters
  • Green Screen
  • Continuous and flash lighting

Big Van

  • Large van for
  • DIT
  • Changing
  • Simple catering

Dry Hire Rental

  • Camera rickshaw
  • Large stands
  • Led lights
  • Miscelania


Location Wales

  • Cottage and barn
  • Scenic beaches
  • Shoot location
  • Accommodation

We can provide an experienced crew with quality equipment and facilities to make your video or stills production run smoothly. In particular specialise in using light cameras with custom-built rigging equipment. This servicw will give you the ability to produce creative, unique shots for your production. To see examples of what we can do for you visit our Production Blog

If you need us to shoot/edit a whole film for you, please visit our film making page.