Getting your video

Mostly we deliver our videos to our clients by a private link on Vimeo.

We will send you a link and a password.

Clicking the link and entering the password allows you to view the video. You can forward the link and password to your colleagues.

To actually download the video at a good quality you need to be logged in to Vimeo.

To log in you must register; this is free.

Once you are logged in you can download ‘original file’. This file should be suitable to upload to your own social media accounts; Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo.

We also make a ‘pro res master’ which is usually a few GB in size and hard to send via the internet. This can be delivered to you on a hard drive.

We also keep (but don’t accept liability for loss of) the ‘rushes’ from the filming, camera files, audio files, still images, graphics and ‘EDL’s .. back ups of the edit. These can also be delivered on a hard drive.

Often we make notes on the footage using Google sheets, these can be shared with you.





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