Our new movie camera – the Sony FS7

At the end of the year we took delivery of the Sony FS7 camera.

“This is an exceptional camera” Says Sam, “It offers 150FPS slow motion at HD resolution, or 60FPS slow motion at 4k resolution – all with a deep 10bit codec that offers huge colour flexibility”

“While the slow motion is very nice the deep onboard colour and LUT based workflow is the main advantage on our previous cameras” “The camera is a very manageable package to move about and still offers the best images we have ever made”

“To some extent this camera is very close to the camera I have been waiting for since I first experimented with video some years ago – simply cinema quality images in a ‘carry on’ package.

So what does it offer?

  • 4k resolution, excellent for green-screen or other VFX/Graphics work
  • 150FPS HD for sport
  • 10bit deep colour with widely supported LUT based workflow for simple consistent ‘one click’ colouring
  • Man portable single operator size

Short film showing a potter at work – basic LUT look applied


A corporate shoot.

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